• What to expect during your consultation 

First I will listen to you so I can see and try to find out what might be the cause of your problem.  I will use muscle testing to find your weakest points and we will muscle test what supplements you might need and foods you are allergic to.  We will adjust your diet and put you on a program that will speed up your healing. The program that I've created is a 70 day program.  It's been proven by scientific research that it takes about 66 days for your brain to change.  You are the healer and I am a guide so the work would need to be done by both of us.  What kind of work?  Changing diet, bad habits, getting more sound sleep, working on your emotional issues and getting enough minerals and vitamins and so on...  I'll be there for you every step of the way. 

In my healing protocol I recommend using medi-clay treatments and castor oil pack treatments. Which all can be done in my massage clinic or I can teach you how to do them at home on your own.

Medi-Body Pack treatment.

Clay packs applied externally, are designed to draw out deeply embedded toxins, including heavy metals (mercury), dioxin, petrochemicals, aniline residues (from injected anesthetics) and more. It may quickly eliminate build-up of these hidden toxins, support increased circulation, boost the immune system, ease muscle tension, and help rejuvenate cells.

Medi-Body Pack may also help clear the entire body burden of toxic bio-accumulation while initiating the thermal effect-an increased deep intrinsic cellular cleansing. Apply packs to local areas of the body; use in conjunction with Medi-Body Bath to help replace electrolytes.

Castor Oil Packs.

I use Castor Oil from Premier Research Labs.  One of the worlds finest quality castor oils from India. The best castor oil comes from India. The non-hybrid castor beans are still grown by traditional herbal masters in the dense, central forests of India in fertile, luxurious soil and pure air.

  • Used for thousands of years by many cultures, especially for skin health and cleansing*
  • Quantum-state castor oil tests on to all four biofield polarities
  • Nitrogen-flushed to maintain peak freshness
  • Unrefined, cold-pressed; not solvent-extracted; hexane-free
  • NO undesirable preservatives or cheap oil additives
  • For external use

For thousands of years, castor oil has been used for just about everything - from relieving menstrual cramps to easing childbirth to clearing warts. Castor oil has been used to assist the healing of the body from ancient times throughout the world.

Castor oil has been used for supporting of pain relief, liver and gallbladder stimulation and cleansing/detox, digestive problems, lacerations, skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis, menopause symptoms, to boost the immune system, as an emollient and skin softener and much more.

Castor oil appears to work by drawing blood circulation and enhanced biological energy to the area where it is applied, then drawing lodged toxins out of the body.

It is important to eradicate the root cause of an illness, not only to clear the symptoms of a disorder. Castor oil may be very valuable in supporting detoxification of the body at deeper levels, thus eliminating the root causes*.

Amy Whitecotton CNC, QRA, LMT

I got my first certification in Nutrition from International Institute of Holistic Healing

I got board certified as a Certified Nutritional Consultant from AANC - American Association of Nutritional Consultants

I got my QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) muscle testing certification from Premier Research Labs

Consultation fee is $65 an hour.

Medi Packs and Castor packs - $60 for any area of the body that needs to be treated. While you are waiting for the pack to absorb toxins and/or increase lymph flow I give you a light massage to help increase drainage and lymph flow.


"It is not what you have, but what you do with what you have, that matters most" Sophie Maven