My clients often ask me about what to eat, what to wear, where to live, what to cook and so on....  I don't have all the answers.  I've done lots of research and I like to experiment with things but the more I do the more I realize it will never be possible to understand the vastness of the universe.  What was true for me yesterday might not be so today.

To answer the questions though I would say we lost our feelings and intuition.  We forgot how to eat and what to eat, how to cook and what to sleep on and what to put on our bodies and so on.  First step would be to try to return to nature.  Try to listen to your body what it tells you.  Practice.  Buy cheap packaged food and buy something fresh from a farmers market.  Hold some chips in a bag close to your body and see and listen what you feel then take and hold a fresh fruit or a vegetable and see the difference. Do same thing with toxic soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, perfumes....  With practice you'll be able to feel the difference and see how your body reacts.  Most of the time I go to a grocery store and I don't know what to buy my body rejects 95% of food and everything else they sell.  We are energy and everything living is made up of energy.  Things that strengthen our bodies and are good for us our cells will be drawn to it.  Every cell emits biophotons a tiny light so if the food has no light our cells won't react to it. 

It's not just food, it's your clothes, it's your bed, your furniture, your lotion....  Once you learn your body, you'll be able to feel how your body reacts to things that it's not been created for.  Synthetic clothing, the smell of new things, the way your body reacts when you lay on a new toxic mattress or sit too long on a synthetic chair.  Go back and think how people used to live.  It was simple using nature for living.  Cotton, wool, rayon, linen, bamboo, silk as their clothes, furniture, blankets and pillows, rugs and beds.  See synthetic and unnatural things pull energy from our cells, they rub our bodies of life then we hurt and we suffer.  It's not going to take a day or two it might take you weeks to learn your body and how it responds. 

It's very hard in our day and age to live naturally close to nature.  Almost impossible but we still can manage to do it.  We can slowly replace what we have accumulated that is just sitting there and taking up space and using  up our energy.  If you are looking for a bed look for a natural bed.  You can buy used.  One can be sure that a poor person won't be selling organic mattress or silk and cotton goods so you with limited amount of money can use that opportunity to have some quality things.  Slowly replace your synthetic pillows and blankets and then see the difference.  It's one step at a time moving forward.

As far as food goes learn to shop at Farmers Markets.  It's better to eat little bit of quality food than buying pounds of junk.  Learn to cook and create your recipes.  Cook few meals at a time to save time.  Learn to garden and collect rain water.  It's all possible if we turn our thinking machine on and start creating and recreating what have been lost and forgotten.  It's all work but it's rewarding and helps you grow and get something accomplished.  There will be failures and victories and you will learn and gain from both.  One step at a time we can change the way we live. 

We've been taught to except good things and reject the bad ones what ever bad that it is to you but they both are needed for our growth so don't reject it.  Embrace both in your life.  Don't panic about how things are.  Stop fighting and resisting.  Just embrace the way life is at the moment and then move on to the next moment. Many people panic about the way things are and therefore stress and prepare for the worse.  They are miserable. 

I don't have everything figured out and perfect.  I still wear some synthetic clothes and have synthetic carpet in the house and synthetic couch.  I don't think about it and I don't worry about it.  I slowly change things if I can and if I want to.  I got some free organic cotton and made organic cotton pillows.  I attempted to make organic cotton mattresses for the kids but failed at that task but now I know what I did wrong and will try to re-make it again. I use wool blankets and cotton sheets and blankets.  I make simple changes as money and time permits.  I don't worry about it though.  You will die faster thinking about your toxic carpet then just embracing what's so.  I rather have few natural things then a house full of costly junk though.

Don't give up keep on living and make steps toward living a good life.  One step at a time.

β€œThe people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs