CircuZyme™ (90 Caps)


CircuZyme™ (90 Caps)


Dietary Supplement
Nutraceutical Circulation Formula
Circulation and Associated Nerve,
Heart and Arterial Health

CircuZyme: Formula Enhancement
We are pleased to announce that CircuZyme is now available in a 60-capsule bottle size (previously 90-caps/ bottle). Our research team has now included three excellent nutrient additions: our premier olive leaf extract, the reputable European bear garlic (Allium sativum) and sunlight-grown chlorella (whole, broken cell wall).   The formula previously included stabilized rice bran and oat grass (Avena sativa) which have now been removed. (Some practitioners prefer the option and flexibility of providing their clients with a dependable circulation formula that does not contain grain or grain-associated elements.)  Camu camu and devil’s claw have been removed due to the current lack of availability of reputable sources.  

SuperiorBlood Circulation Support*

• Optimal Support for Blood Circulation and Associated Nerve, Heart and Arterial Function*
• Promotes healthy micro-circulation of blood to peripheral tissues, including arms, legs, eyes, testicles, penis and other areas; supports associated nerve, heart and arterial function*
• Helps maintain healthy coronary and brain blood flow, including integrity of coronary arteries*
• Supports healthy male erectile function*
• Encourages optimal response to micro- artery stress/injury*
• Enhances the body’s adaptive response to outer stressors (heat, cold, over-exercise)*

The Quantum-State Nutrition Effect for Arteries and Nerves*

“A breakthrough in 21st century biochemistry! Circuzyme represents the latest discovery in the use of carnitine compounds that by themselves exhibit no profound circulatory help – but together, especially with their critical synergists, co-factors and transporters, provide extraordinary help to the body to enhance circulatory function at the extremities, especially sites of trauma. An unexpected benefit is its unmatched enhancement of penile function.”
– Dr. Bob Marshall, PhD, CCN


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