Deltanol™ (60 softgels)


Deltanol™ (60 softgels)


Dietary Supplement
Delta-Tocotrienol Complex
Advanced Cardiovascular and Circulatory Support

"The 21st century vitamin E. A key part of the vitamin E family consists of 4 tocotrienols – alpha, beta, gamma and delta. However,  Quantum Deltaboost is the delta faction with the most significant properties for cardiovascular and circulatory health.*  I have found that this product works outstandingly well for those who need and want the best heart and circulatory support.* I take this 21st century vitamin E product daily myself. I have found  it to be invaluable to support my jam-packed busy schedule as well as my early daily exercise routine due to its superior lipid-based cellular nutrition." - Dr. Robert Marshall

Super nutrient for providing superior Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health derived from stabilized rice bran: Naturally contains tocotrienols (super antioxidants), which can have 6,000 times greater antioxidant activity than vitamin E*

Can increase the good, healthy bacteria in the colon fivefold in only 4 weeks*
• Immune System: Ferulic acid as found in stabilized rice bran helps support and promote a healthy immune system
• Blood Lipids: Many studies have shown stabilized rice bran to promote and maintain a healthy blood lipid levels
• Blood Sugar: Stabilized rice bran helps significantly promote and maintain a healthy blood glucose level
• Stomach: Stabilized rice bran contains gamma oryzanol, which helps maintain a healthy stomach
• Hormones: Gamma oryzanol helps promote healthy hormonal balance
• Peak Athletic Performance: Researchers found gamma oryzanol and ferulic acid (as found in stabilized rice bran) help promote optimal muscle growth and athletic performance
• Thyroid: Gamma oryzanol helps promote and maintain a healthy TSH level*

100 Different Antioxidants
For many years, scientists have known that hidden in the lowly rice kernel was a great nutritional treasure. The rice kernel’s inner layer, rice bran, contains a huge storehouse of precious but delicate super nutrients. Current research shows that it contains 100 different antioxidants (and counting -- as new ones are being discovered). Among the most powerful of its naturally-occurring antioxidants are oryzanols, tocopherols, and tocotrienols. One group of super nutrients, the oryzanols, are a complex group of chemical compounds that are esters of the phenolic compound, ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant.*

6,000 Times Greater Than Vitamin E
Another group of super nutrients in rice bran, the tocotrienols, have recently been shown to have 6,000 times greater antioxidant activity than vitamin E. Tocotrienols have been shown to promote and maintain healthy blood lipids and blood glucose levels.* With all these amazing elements, rice bran is indeed a veritable storehouse of super nutrients.
After many years of research throughout the world, a newly developed proprietary process has been discovered that stabilizes the delicate, precious super nutrients of rice bran (previously rapidly destroyed), now all these wonderful micronutrients are directly available to you -- to speed you and your family on your quest for excellent health. The vast array of effective, protective antioxidants is unequalled by any other product currently available.

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