Ginseng-FX™ (30 Caps)


Ginseng-FX™ (30 Caps)


Highly Bioavailable Fermented Whole Ginseng Root
Superior Energy and Athletic Performance*
Primary Energy Support; Kidney and Liver Rejuvenator*

Key Benefits

  •  Outperforms all other forms of ginseng  due to breakthrough proprietary fermentation processing
  • Time-proven, centuries old reputation:  premier body rejuvenator and nerve tonic**
  • The first only 100% bioavailable, solvent-free vegetable capsules with no toxic tablets,  glues or fillers
  • Violite™ Protected: Patent-pending dark violet bottle proven to block light between 450-720 nm, the range which damage nutrients

“Finally, genuine ginseng is now available with all its spectacular compounds that have been made fully bio-available via a new breakthrough fermentation process. Now, we not only get real ginseng again, but better yet, real ginseng that is super bio-available -- due to highly effective fermentation bacteria. Research shows that only 33% of people in general and only about 4% of diabetics and 8% of cancer victims can absorb gin­seng’s super compounds at all. However, for the first time, now everyone can absorb all of ginseng’s super nutrients. What a truly great breakthrough.” --Robert J, Marshall, PhD, CCN

The Super Food of the Centuryfor the Whole Family*
Ginseng Nano-Plex is nothing less than the world’s first fermented ginseng, making it fully biologically available to virtually everyone. One of the great discoveries of the 21st century, fermented ginseng offers its super immune-boosting properties to people who previously could not receive them, due to lack of digestive bacteria needed to break down key ginseng components.
Recent research in South Korea has shown that only one-third of the general population is able to absorb most of ginseng’s key nutrients.  However, when ginseng is fermented, then all of its super compounds become completely bio-available to everyone regardless of digestive efficiency.

The New Ginseng
Although ginseng is one of the most widely used herbs throughout history, most modern day ginseng found in the U.S. is not actually ginseng, but instead is commonly bleached carrots soaked in ginseng leaves (then dried to resemble a wrinkled look), which assays as ginseng due to the ginsengoside alkaloids from the leaves -- fooling customers into thinking they are buying real ginseng. Since consumers are wising up, the sale of ginseng products have dramatically fallen in the past 20 years.
In an effort to restore ginseng’s historic reputation, new research shows that genuine ginseng can be made better than ever by a unique fermentation process.
For people with chronic health concerns, Ginseng Nano-Plex serves as an excellent, premier health tonic: it strengthens weak kidneys, promotes the pancreas’s healthy function, supports the liver, functions as a brain tonic, and is an established blood builder.*

It is additionally recommended not to ingest Ginseng late into the day because peak blood levels occur about 8 hours after intake. Therefore, the energizing effects of ginseng, when taken late at night, may keep you awake.

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