Deep tissue massage or maybe not?

Recently I have been thinking about a deep tissue massage.  A lot of people ask for a deep tissue massage so I have been wondering why and who told them about deep tissue? Lol...  A good massage therapist though will use many different styles and techniques during a massage.  I would think it's better to look for a massage therapist who is intuitive and can do miracle with her hands.  One who works with a heart rather than knowledge.  At the end you will feel better, more relaxed in body and spirit and fill like that was the best thing you ever done for yourself. 

The more I study massage and movement the more I realize that it's not about deep tissue at all, it's about quality touch and conscious movements. It's about a massage therapist being light on her feet, having correct posture, relaxed body and clear mind.  Staying present with the client is probably one of the most important parts of a massage.  Being present to how it feels under the hot, cold, hardened, lumpy, dry, important for a good treatment.  For a client being relaxed, totally letting go of everything and surrendering (to the table to hold you for an hour or two) is the key to get the most benefits from a massage.  It's not that easy to do really. 

Deep tissue can mean many things.... but for most it means hard pressure throughout the whole massage. Sometimes massaging hard can injure lymph nodes and fascia.  The more I study lymph the more I try to avoid "deep" massage especially in certain areas of the body.  As I am becoming more conscious I am a little better at listening and paying attention to not cause pain that is not "hurts so good" kind of a pain.  We should keep in mind that there is a medical massage and trigger point massage where a certain pressure is applied in one specific area and it can hurt too.  It's totally different from deep tissue though.  It's more of a gradual process, starting by warming up the body and then applying pressure, deeper as we go.

So what is my style of massage then?  It's mostly slow and firm but yet with gentle, loving touch.  I work with my heart and use many different styles and pressures. I also love hearing from my clients what they want out of their treatment and if something is not satisfying I want to hear it.   I work hard to make you feel good, refreshed, relaxed, comfortable, and worth your time and money.  I consider myself a student and your body is my teacher.  Without you, I can't do what I love doing:  body work and bringing healing.  New teachers are always needed so please come see me and enjoy your massage that possibly could change your body and life for the better. : )