Why do we work?


I have been thinking about work and money and it's affect on our health.  I have noticed that people I meet are tired working and look forward for weekends, vacation and retirement. Which creates a high level of stress. Sometimes we think all we need is a long vacation but even that makes us tired and exhausted and not wanting to go back to work. Maybe work shouldn't be work but rather something we do to create more growth to benefit ourselves and others.  Something that gives results and satisfaction seeing what we have done to create a better future.

I was thinking if we love what we do why would we want to have an escape from it? On the other hand as we grow older our energy supply diminishes and we grow tired. That's a very normal thing in life.  But looking toward vacation and retirement as a permanent fix from our misery is not a normal thing.

There is something hidden within in us that needs to get free.  I was thinking about successful people how they got where they got.  Most don't become famous and successful over night.  Many hours and nights are spent doing what they love doing not because of money but because their job is part of who they are .  It seems to me that those who love what they do are winners in a certain way.

Some of my best friends and mentors are in their late 70's, 80's, and even 90's.  And they are not just some regular old people they are the people who continue doing what they love. Be it teaching, or reading, or researching, or creating new products or writing books.  Why are these few souls are not interested in watching TV or playing golf? It's because their life is worth living and it's bigger then them.

Each person is unique in their own way we all do things differently and we have unique gifts and talents.  If you can find what you are good at and start working at it day and night you can build a happy future. When we do what we love and make money doing it, it brings us fulfillment and joy and health.  Every morning you will wake up with a spring in your feet and ready to do your work.  Context also plays a huge role.  We can be housewives or dads and within a right context raising children and cleaning house can be a great joy.

We have to look deep within ourselves to find that one thing we are great at. It's really not the end goal but the process that's exciting.  I see that keeping focus on each day, hour brings more fulfillment than end goal.  So to me thinking about today and how I can grow myself today, and what I can do today, and how I can bring healing to people today is much more fulfilling than seeing myself somewhere in the future. 

I realize that dreaming about a future won't get us there, we have to use all we got to get where we want to be, by doing what we are best at.  Lets make life worth living for.  :-)

"Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver." Ayn Rand