In this world of information it is so easy to get confused and get lost.  I am often asked these questions:  Who do you believe?  Which diet do you follow?  What do you buy? What do you eat? Where do you shop?  Since we've been controlled and manipulated since birth most of us don't even know where to begin.  We have forgotten or never even listened to our body and soul.  I like to read books about people or tribes that had no government, lived by being guided from within.  They knew what plants were medicinal, what food was good for them to eat, how to make clothes and so on.  It's fascinating because they didn't have books or computers but the knowledge was passed on mouth to mouth, or learned by experimenting with things.  What happen now.  Everything is in the book and in the computer and comes from a guru's mouth.  We don't think, we don't know how to listen to our bodies and our soul, we don't know what to do if we are not told.  Basically all we do and say comes from our mind or the mind of someone we are listening to.  That is why we ask questions and can't find answers.  That is why we are miserable and we are stuck in one view and don't see anything else. 


There are hundreds of diets and hundreds of health gurus tell you what to eat and how to live and dress. If you follow them like a sheep, then you'll do and live exactly how they will tell you and you'll be miserable or if it does suit you you'll be happy because you live like someone you like.  I used to be one of those people.  My feelings were numbed, my thinking didn't exist.  I was afraid to make a wrong move, to do a mistake.  Not until I freed my self from everything I know and began to feel and listen and learn my way out.  When I began to listen to my soul, my body, my intuition, sorting through my feelings, learning through failure did I began to see what life is really about. 

You are a wonderful being created in a unique way different from everybody else.  Things that will work for someone else might not work for you.  Raw food diet is so popular now days.  Raw is the only way.  Drink juices and smoothies and you'll be forever young. Then you see some of those people die before 60.  What happened to them we ask? See there is no same diet for everybody.  Raw food now days is so toxic that we can't even eat it raw.  It's grown in a poor soil, contaminated with feces and bacteria so it might be better to cook some of your veggies especially if you bought them at the store.  I remember few years ago reading an article that someone tested triple washed salads and they had more feces then your toilet seat.  The question is what are they washing it with?  Sewer water?  You have to use your logic here.  If you have a garden or know someone that does then buy from them fresh veggies and eat it. 

If you study history you'll see that people ate in season.  Spring time people ate fresh greens, peas, kale, broccoli.  Summer: watermelons, berries, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes...  Fall - fall veggies and fruit.  In the winter people ate, dried, canned and warm foods like soups and steamed veggies. It's just meant it to be like that by nature.  

Your body knows what it needs.  Do you know how to listen to it?  After you eat what do you feel is going on inside? How do you feel?  Even before your food digests your body will already react.  It's not a rocket science.  We are so not in tune with ourselves that we live like robots.  We only eat what we eat because we are told so, or we saw it on the TV. 

Learn to listen, to feel, to grow in knowledge and wisdom and experiment with foods, herbs, environment, clothes you were, movies you watch, music you listen.  These are all things that can change your health.