Echinacea Blend - 4 oz


Echinacea Blend - 4 oz


Echinacea Blend - 4 oz.

BEB // 4 oz.

For assistance with skin diseases, fungal infections, boils, upper respiratory tract infections, and venereal diseases.

Echinacea angustifolia / purpurea - Herb & Root, 1:1


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The BotaniPure™ Promise

Our pledge with BotaniPure™ is to bring the practitioner the highest quality product at economical prices without sacrificing the energetic qualities and pharmacological constituents of each plant. Those who use BotaniPure™ are confident they possess a medicinal tool that is constituent rich and energetically active. Whether you subscribe to the drop-dose method or large dose method, it is important to utilize a product that will effectively stimulate the patient's vital energy and act therapeutically.

Our high-grade herbs are obtained as organic or wild-crafted whenever possible. They are harvested ethically to ensure a renewable resource is retained. The majority of our liquid extracts are made from dried herbs, but some extracts are best made from a fresh source depending upon availability of the raw material. We also extract from the most active part of each plant, whether that be from the berry, leaf, root, or so forth, to ensure the greatest yield of each plant's medicinal constituents. Finally, our processing methods conform to strict guidelines. We seek suppliers of raw materials who we find to be ethical, adhere to strict quality standards, and offer consistency and dependability. To this end, we are pleased to offer our BotaniPure™ line, consisting of herbal medicines from around the world that meet our high requirements.

The delicate chemical constituent balance makes each plant unique. To capture this balance in an herbal medicine, one needs to extract the individual constituents based on these specific chemical characteristics. The BotaniPure™ advantage is found in our initial percolation process which is based on knowledge of what solvent temperature best extracts one constituent from another. Additionally, our final stage of high-energy yield maceration ensures full complement constituent optimization. Afterward, the leftover material is analyzed to ensure maximum extraction. Final end-stage blending provides a stable, lower alcohol product compared to other companies only utilizing cold percolation methods. Our process provides BotaniPure™ the benefits of cold percolation and western technology while also utilizing more traditional practices of decoction/maceration/spagyric methodologies.

Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Traditional herbal medicine has a holistic action on the body. Herbs are often prescribed along with other herbs, homeopathic medicines, or nutritionals, for an overall synergistic effect. Herbal medicine is becoming westernized to a point where herbs are regarded by the specific organ or system they affect; i.e., "good for the brain" or "good for the heart." The reality is that herbal medicine is meant to be utilized as both a systemic functional medicine and as an energetic balancing medicine.

Professional Formulas believes herbal treatment should initially be focused on the large dose to optimize chemistry and enhance detoxification pathways. At the same time, the herb's energetic qualities will assist in raising the vital energy of the body. Simply stimulating the vital energy by the use of small herbal dosing assumes the vital energy is capable of sustaining itself. This may be why many do not reach total resolution of their conditions and relapse.

Proper herb choice is based upon the following:

  • Determination of the treatment goal; short- and long-term.
  • Individualization of care for the patient.
  • Focusing on the immediate priorities of treatment.
  • Consideration of secondary priorities and long-term goals of treatment.
  • Choosing well-known herbs having desired multiple-actions from a reliable source.
  • For desired specific effects, choose several herbs that overlap in action.
  • Limit the number of herbs in a formula so as not to dilute their action.

Concentration Ratios

BotaniPure™ extracts are primarily 1:2 concentrations. A 1:2 concentration means that for every 1 gram of herb, there are 2 ml of alcohol solvent. This is equal to 500 milligrams per milliliter. A 4:1 extract (seen in tablet or capsule form) is 4 grams (or 4,000 mg of dry herb) per 1 ml of solvent.