"Everything you already know is blocking you from having from what you want." Sophie Benshitta Maven

Being well is everyone's dream.  People work hard saving money so they can one day spend it on traveling the world, seeing new things, doing things they didn't have time to do while working so hard. By the time they have the money... their health is gone... and there goes their money.

Some people are still young but not well. They are looking for an answer to their health issues.

I've spent many hours  researching health, foods, diets of different countries and different indigenous tribes, so I could learn what it is that kept certain people strong and healthy while others died early. 

I've not only studied the diets, but I have also experimented and tried a lot of them myself. After reading books, articles, watching videos, and listening to health experts, I've come to the conclusion that healing is not what most health promoters are trying to sell you. Healing begins within... excepting the way the world is and the way we are and the way we function.  Embracing everything that comes our way as "Oh, ok this is how it is and I will move on."

I am realizing that life is not about health but rather health is given to us to experience life.  If you think about it that way than you can see that when you live in the moment enjoying what you got then you begin to see ways to continue living in good health.

After studying cultures that lived off the land and studying tribes that followed herds,  I've learned that people ate what was available to them at the time.  They didn't rely on buying their food, instead they relied on their own garden, or hunting and gathering plants on the land where they were at, They ate food that was available in that region.  Meats too were indigenous for that region like sheep, birds, horses, or deer.  I am not saying now that should all move to the country or live like our ancestors lived.  We should take what we got and where we are and use it for our good. 

If we could learn to listen to our bodies and become conscious of what we are putting in and on our bodies we could become well.  It's not as easy to do it though.  It's discipline and practice day in and day out. 

The best foods for most of us are indigenous foods.  Foods that our ancestors ate.  Some of us have mixed blood in us because parents came from different areas of the world.  To me it seems like in this case maybe following blood diet would be good. 

We need to also remember that organic doesn't mean much.  If it's organic it could be still watered by dirty water and grown in a nutrient deficient soil.  One of my favorite places to shop is Farmers Market and I look for vendors that sell heirloom and those who take great care re-mineralizing their soil. Heirloom means: "A cultivar of a vegetable or fruit that is open-pollinated and is not grown widely for commercial purposes. An heirloom often exhibits a distinctive characteristic such as superior flavor or unusual coloration." Dictionary by Farlex.

Surgery and pills even supplements will NOT get rid of THE PROBLEM; the cause will remain unchanged until we make certain steps. Steps, like changing what we eat, start moving more, setting our attention on more important things and so on.

We need to remember that each body works differently so it might need a different grass, a different diet, a different combination of foods, minerals, vitamins, exercises, change of sleep and eating habits.   

 To get well will require your desire to change and work at changing what you've been doing so far, the things that keep you unwell.  If we observe nature everything in nature works hard to become and get where it need to get.  Plant world has to overcome storms, rain, snow, ice, pollution to become a flower or a tree or a bush....  They just keep on growing toward the sun no matter what.


Today we are bombarded from every direction about health, diet, life, relationships... it's really hard to see what has some truth and what is just plain lie.  The best rule for me is to think that everything I read has very little truth this gives me room to explore and be open minded.  The best way of course is to experiment and listen to your body. 

If we could just forget and let go of everything we know and unite with creation and Creator we could learn how to be well again.  Letting go sounds scary but until we let go we can't put in anything new.  It's not that our mind needs new information but by studying, reading and listening we can gain new insight in to what our soul needs the most.

Change must begin with clarity of where you are... precision, exactness, all of which you and I have been trying to avoid. Sophie Maven