Pregnancy is a time when a woman can be excited and sad all at the same time.  If you are not in the best shape it can really make you sick and tired being pregnant.  For each woman it's a different thing.  Morning sickness, stomach aches, headaches, digestion issues and so on can all be a big problem during pregnancy.  All these issues can go away if we take certain steps toward our health. Being pregnant can be either amazing or something not so desirable.  Where ever you are at the moment, just do your best for your body and your baby. Do much research about toxic chemicals, baby food, mothers milk, toxic mattress and clothing, paint, food coloring, food additives.  There is a lot out there but no reason to panic just to the best you can. Simple is always better.  Fewer things can be better too.

If you are not pregnant but thinking about it then I would encourage you to ask yourself some questions.  Questions like: Is my body ready to carry a baby?  Am I healthy enough to carry and nourish my baby for nine months in the womb and then nurse him/her for at least a year after it's born? What is the reason that I want to have a baby?  Is it because I am lonely?  Is it for security reasons? Or because babies are cute?  Most people don't think about asking themselves a question or two but it's so important.  Babies are not just another thing it's a unique and special life brought in to the world that can help make this world a beautiful place.

Few things you can do for yourself and your baby:

 be active

                  eat healthy and supplement your diet with good minerals and vitamins.

  sleep good and take good naps

                   enjoy life the way life is

  BREATHE.....let go of things.....of emotions....

                  give yourself and your baby a gift of massage

  Live Free....Enjoy each moment

                    do not resist anything life brings....embrace it and it will change on it's own

AVOID CHEMICALS AND TOXINS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. DON'T DO MAJOR REMODELING THAT REQUIRES THE USE OF CARCINOGENIC CHEMICALS.                                                                                                                             

                    Spend Some Time outside, If it's summer walk barefoot in the sun.   

Drink plenty of good, clean, energized water

                   try to avoid gluten, sugar and processed foods         

love yourself